Pet Care Special Services

As a full pet care facility, we offer a number of special services, including:

  • Pet Playcare
  • Training

Pet Playcare- A better version of daycare.

Your dog will stay in our kennel during the day, and there is plenty of excitement just being there. Then, one of the owners will take your dog to our meadow for a one-on-one with a person for personal play time. We will customize this to your dog’s eneds. We can walk, play ball, Frisbee, or for the less active or smaller dogs, we will bring them to our office to play or just sit on our laps. We can even help with obedience during our 20 minutes of one-on-one. Talk about feeling special! They do!

Call us at 410-647-3505 today with questions or to schedule your pet.

Pet Shipping

We also offer Professional Pet Shipping. We are licensed and insured IPATA professional pet shippers. If you are relocating and need assistance with your best friend’s travel needs, we can help.

Our sister company can help you with this.  Please click the logo below.

Anne Arundel County Pet Care Millersville Pet Shipping